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At the beginning of each month I prepare a newsletter that is sent home with the students.  The newsletter highlights some of the many of the activities that we have been involved with during the prior month, as well as giving a sneak peak of what to expect in the present month.  The unfortunate thing is that a printed newsletter only provides a one way communication. If you are a parent of one of my students, take an moment to email me with questions or comments.  Thanks.


Wow!! It's hard to believe April is over and we are in our last month of school. April, like all of the other months, was a busy month. Some of the highlights were:


We completed our study of telling time. I was very pleased with the progress the children made in this area. Most were able to tell time to the hour and half-hour and some were even able to tell time to the quarter hour. We stretched our brains also by working on time to the very minute! Continue to work on this area at home to maintain the progress.

We began our study of measuring. Ask you child how many inches there are in a foot. They thoroughly enjoyed using rulers to estimate then measure different objects in the room. We will continue working on measurement through May.

We have also been working on addition and subtraction facts through 12. We learned two more strategies, doubles and doubles +1. These strategies were a bit difficult, but most of the children were able to master them.

We were also adding three addends in addition. Have your child show you the strategy for adding three numbers. I was very pleased with the progress the children made in this area.

We will begin working on double-digit addition and subtraction without trading the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Doing "big time" math like this always thrills the children.


We continued our study of the five senses. The children were thrilled with the taste experiment. Ask your child which taste he/she prefers. We also studied about our sense of hearing. The highlight of our study was each "secret sound" that the children brought in. Last week we used our sense of touch to discover what was inside some mystery bags. We have discovered that our best sense is our sense of sight.

We also studied the life cycle of the butterfly. Our butterfly larva arrived after Spring Break. We were able to watch them grow as they ate their nutrient. Then they formed their chrysalis and about a week later we had 5 beautiful painted lady butterflies. Be sure to ask your child to tell you the stages of the life cycle of the butterfly.


I continue to be very pleased with the results on the weekly spelling tests. The children are doing a great job with the dictated sentences as well. They are remembering to start their sentences with an uppercase letter and have some type of punctuation at the end.


Wow! The progress the children have made in this area is amazing!! Our guided reading time is spent mostly on comprehension strategies now and the majority of the children are able to read and comprehend! I am very pleased to see how the children are able to use various decoding strategies for unknown vocabulary. They continue to do an excellent job in the various literacy centers while I am working with small groups. During the up-coming summer months, encourage your child to continue reading on a daily basis to keep his/her momentum going and maintain skills. I will be sending home a list of things you can do over the summer months to maintain skills in all area. This will come home on the last day of school.

Creative Writing

I am so pleased with the growth the children have made in their writing! This month we continued to write paragraphs. I gave them the topic sentence then they wrote three supporting sentences and the concluding sentence all by themselves! You will be amazed when you see all of their writing at the Art, Writing and Technology fair on May 1. We wrote paragraphs about why we would like a dog like Clifford and also about all of the facts learned about butterflies. During May, they will write their own paragraph all by themselves!!

Other Highlights

The highlight of the month was of course our painted lady butterflies. We had to let them free the last week because they were ready to be out in their natural habitat.

On April 19th we had an in class field trip provided by High Touch/High Tech. It was called Going Buggy. The children learned all about bugs and the difference between an insect and a spider. Be sure to have your child tell you the differences and all of the body parts an insect has.

The children did a great job at their spring musical. I was so proud of them. They worked very hard in music class prior to the musical.

Sneak Preview


Art, Writing and Technology Fair - May 1 from 6:00 - 8:00


PTO Book Fair Purchase Day - May 2


More two digit addition and subtraction


Zoo Animals


Art, Writing and Technology Fair, May 1 from 6:00 - 8:00


Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo, May 10.