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The children enjoy the opportunity to share things about themselves with the rest of the class.  The children have many opportunities to do that informally but I make sure that each student has at least one formal opportunity to share with the whole class.


Mandy said: I went to my sister's friend's house. We played tag.

Dominic A. said: I went to my brother's soccer game. His team won 7-4.

Annalies said: Tomorrow I'm going to T-Ball. I'm number 11 and I'm on the Blue Jays.

Zachary said: I got Arch Angels on Heroes III.

Samantha said: I slept over at my grandma's house. My brother's girl friend, Amanda, said the states in ABC order.

Freddy said: Next weekend I'm gong to another birthday party. This weekend I went to two parties.

Ryan said: When I was at the store, my dad threw a soapbox at me.

Carly said: I went to the Jelly Belly Factory.

Tyler said: On Saturday in the batting cages, I got hit by the ball.

Jacob said: My dad drove me to the mini-bike shop. I sat on some four wheelers. I got a helmet and some goggles.

Hunter said: I went rock climbing. There was a pool there too.

Bernadette said: I went to Sam's. We got yogurt.

Amanda said: I went to my brother's hockey game.

Jamie said: Yesterday I went to the American Girl Doll Store. It was my cousin's first communion.

Connor said: I went bowling on Saturday. I got a 94, 72 and a 114.

Brandon said: This afternoon I'm going to wash my bike.

Emily said: The wheels were jammed on my bus.

Lydia said: We went to my grandma's. We went outside. A chipmunk ran through my legs.

Ian said: We were collecting shells along the beach. There was a crab in the bucket.

Alexis said: We saw my grandpa driving in a car. We went by their house. They were fixing the backyard.

Alexanna said: I went to my grandma's.

Eric said: I went to Missouri and went fishing. The last day it was 70.
Dominic V. said: I went bowling and Connor came over.

Brittany said: I was at my grandma and grandpa's. We went to the park. Daniel and Emily slept over.

Andrea said: I went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I saw Super Croc.

Venus said: I went to work with my dad. I drove a forklift all by myself.

Mrs. Lewis said: We are going to Disney World for our summer vacation.